Ryan specializes in black and grey scale creative realism tattoo work.  Please send your color tattoo requests to the other artists at the studio.

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Owner/Lead Artist


     Ryan has been tattooing full time since 1999. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, Ryan relocated to Saint Cloud in 2006, and opened Cream City Tattoo in June 2012.


     In addition to his tattoo career, Ryan is a father of two boys, an accomplished golfer, car & motorcycle enthusiast. Ryan has been working diligently creating visual art for many years.  You can see much of his works displayed around the studio. 

Ryan specializes in black and grey scale creative realism tattoo work.


Tattoo Artist

Naomi is a vibrant and imaginative professional artist who has been tattooing for many years.  She loves to bring unusual ideas to life.


Tattoo Artist

Taelor mainly enjoys doing custom black and grey pieces, although dark art is his favorite he’s still open to taking on the cute flowery designs!



Tattoo Artist

Corrista does both color and black & grey in a variety of styles. She mainly enjoys doing lady faces/portraits, surrealism, fantasy, floral, animals, as well as putting together imaginative designs.


Tattoo Artist

Jacob’s interest and focus in tattooing is as varied as his tastes in art. Personal tastes in symbolism, cultural and tribal, bio-organics, flora  and fauna, non traditional calligraphy, fantasy and sci-fi, dark art and the occult as well as the abstract. A jack of all trades when it comes to art. Whether it’s pencil or pen, carving or cooking. Being creative is where he likes to hang his hat. Jacob is also an active conservationist as it pertains to being a practitioner of falconry and has an affinity for birds of prey. 



Tattoo Artist

Nicholas Rodriguez focuses primarily on black and gray work, and has been tattooing since 2009.  He likes working on larger scale artwork, but is also accepting walk-ins regularly! 

Please visit my Instagram page to view my interactive portfolio!